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Rules/Rank System

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Rules/Rank System

Post by SplitscapeTM on Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:40 pm

<br />//\\//\\ Rules //\\//\\ 1 . We Do Not and Will Not crash any other players at ANY boss. 2 . Talking about Racism, Politics, Disabilities or using words like cancer, aids, or any other unacceptable words will result into a temporarily kick from the CC. 3 . Staking talk is NOT allowed openly in clan chat, this includes any form of betting, staking for other members within the clan. 4 . Act mature and be respectful to all clan members. Flaming, offensive behavior, trolling, and excessive swearing will not be tolerated. 5 . Notify us if you have changed your rs name. 6 . PKing other SplitScapeTM members in the wilderness is NOT allowed. 7 . Absolutely NO scamming, luring, or botting if an individual is caught they will be removed from the clan immediately. 8 . All Drops must be split with all members of the team, this INCLUDES Smiley ranks Any member caught not splitting or scamming will be removed and have further action taken against them (This cc is one of the Rsjustice's board members). 9 . Players will receive a split if they are to die during the trip or take a short break ( Less than 10 minutes ). Players will not receive a split if they officially leave the trip. 10 . NO Multi Clanning 11 . All 5m+ Drops must be print screened and posted on the clan's Discord. Notify a General to have the split confirmed. //\\//\\ Important For Corping //\\//\\ 1 - 2 Bar rank is the minimum required for Corping 2 - Highest Rank Holds Drops 3 - Lowest Rank Stuns ( If The Lowest Rank Is Tied , Lowest Ranged Stuns ) //\\//\\ Tanking Rules //\\//\\ 1 - ( Bandos ) : Tank Keeps Hilts And Shards 2- ( Zammy ) : Tank Keeps Hilts And Steam Staffs Other loot rules can be applied, if everyone in the team agrees to them --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //\\//\\ Ranking Up //\\//\\ In order for you to surpass Recruit rank within SplitScapeTM, members must split a particular amount of loot. Please see below to see what is required to rank up. ALthough splitting is the main way to rank up, things like recruiting/activity/attendance to events/being helpfull, contribute towards rank ups. Recruit Be an active member and have Clan Requirements Corporal Be an active member and have split 40M worth of loot to clan members for your next rank Sergeant Be an active veteran and have split 120M worth of loot to clan members for your next rank //\\//\\ Staff Ranks //\\//\\ Bronze Star All staff ranks are leaders within the clan. They organize events, Moderate the chat, Gear check new members and help prospective members out. Silver Star These are highly respected and capable clan leaders. They have proven their worth in the clan. Gold Star ( Clan Leaders & Generals ) These are the leaders of the clan and are responsible for the smooth operation of the clan. Leaders have the power to change whatever they like. Gens and Leaders are not allowed to stake

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